Fantaisie Impromptu

September 2013

Fantaisie-Impromptu, an outfit that borrows its name from a beautiful piece of music. Well-suited for many occasions, this one-of-a-kind, handmade outfit could easily become an important part of your doll’s wardrobe!

It can be worn as her favorite fantasy outfit, for those times she’s imagining herself the heroine of an endangered kingdom!

Or it can be worn in her everyday modern life, when she just wants to look stylish and a step above the rest.

The entire outfit is handmade by me! The white shirt with its decorative pearl-finished buttons and standing collar is an easy choice for a doll who wants an outfit with a touch of elegance.The lace accents complete the stunning look started by the contrast of the loose sleeves with the sharp pleats of the “skirt” by adding an air of unity. The shirt pairs perfectly with the brown leggings, which, with their subtlety, accentuate the details on the other pieces.
The fitted aqua-blue vest is made from a supple ribbed fabric. It fastens in the front with a handmade frog closure.
The hand knit lace scarf is a lovely clover green and has a delicate traveling vine design. Its color perfectly matches that of the handbag, which is both hand knit and felted.

Whether she’s on a quest for an enchanted fairy forest, or the perfect pair of shoes at the mall, this outfit’s versatility is limited only by your and her imaginations!


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